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CaduRx (Cadj' yoo rix)

For almost fifteen years CaduRx has provided over 30 specialties throughout the western US with intelligent clinical data and practice management solutions. 


No need to worry about equipment, database security, backups or accessibility: we take care of all that for you. 


We empower you do what you were trained to do: practice medicine.

"I can enthusiastically endorse and support recommendations for use of CaduRx as an organized, simple, flexible and thorough tool for electronic management of patient data with virtually any type of medical or surgical office.  Company support of issues that inevitably arise from time to time has been prompt and direct, and fees for system use have been reasonable and appropriate.  Without any reservation I highly recommend use of CaduRx as an excellent EMR option for management of patient data."





  Jan M. Ashdown, M.D., General Surgeon, Brigham City, Utah 

Electronic Health Record

Configurable, comprehensive and simple, the CaduRx EHR let's you see all pertinent information at  a glance.  You spend less time documenting and navigating and more time caring for your patients.  Let CaduRx help you quickly and easily document your encounters, because after all--dammit Jim, you're a doctor, not a computer scientist!

Patient Engagement

Reduce your staff's workload (and save money) by inviting patients to complete their intake paperwork before visiting the clinic.  Patients can also engage in their care by viewing lab results and access visit summaries on the DirectMD (tm) patient portal.


Practice Management

CaduRx gives you the keys to clinical success with a robust and comprehensive scheduling, reporting and management tools.  Simple and efficient, the practice management module schedules, reminds, updates and connects you with the outside world of pharmacies, diagnostic labs and other care groups. 


Revenue Cycle Management

The integrated CaduRx product gives you the option of managing your own billing processes.  Your in-house billing team can perform the entire range of billing functions: from coding encounters and submitting claims to posting, printing statements and tracking accounts receivable.  Because the billing module belongs to the same code set as the electronic health record there is no double-entry or rickety interfaces: everything is seamless and shiny!

Outsourced Billing

Let one of the CaduRx teams of certified professionals help you increase your revenue and decrease your frustration.  Every year medical billing becomes more complex and time-consuming.  Today's market militates against in-house billing: it's expensive, it's labor-intensive and most importantly, it's a distraction from what you do best: take care of people.  The CaduRx outsourced billing solution is unique: it is 100% transparent, communication is seamless and immediate, and we don't get between you and your patients.  The perfect solution.


Built for you.

Use a program that was actually designed by clinicians.

Learn easily.

Most clinicians are able to start seeing patients the day after training.

Access anywhere.  

We are truly in the cloud.  Access your charts from the office, home or the beach.

Why CaduRx?

Local Customer Support.

No complex phone menus, never out-sourced to another country, no "Help Tickets". You will love it.

Seamless integration.

Our software is integrated from start to finish: from seeing a patient to getting paid.

Built in communication.  

Securely contact patients or other clinicians. Text or e-mail appointment reminders.

Patient population tracking.  

Flag, track and differentiate patient populations.

"CaduRx has profoundly influenced the way our clinic system operates.  We rely on CaduRx for clinical documentation, decision support, population management reports, practice metrics, patient connectivity, billing and electronic data exchange with other health services.  I can confidently recommend CaduRx as a highly effective electronic health record solution."


Steve Ipsen, Bureau Director, Health Clinics of Utah, Utah Department of Health


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