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Electronic Health Record

You are not a secretary

You should be free to focus your attention on patients, not doing paperwork and filling out forms. 

The CaduRx electronic health record increases your productivity and lessens your frustration.  It was designed and optimized by practicing clinicians who demanded convenience, accuracy and speed.  We built maximum flexibility into the EHR to accommodate the widest variety of work flows.  You shouldn't have to change the way you practice medicine to fit the requirements of your software -- we meet your needs, not vice versa. 

It doesn't get in the way; rather, it empowers your practice to excel.

CaduRx is easy to learn, too: you don't have to dedicate days and days to learning obscure incantations and arcane rites to get your software to do what you want it to do. 

It's intuitive. 

Electronic Health Records

Practice Management 

Integrated and Easy

CaduRx empowers your clinic with a robust scheduler that is simple to learn and powerful to use.  Completely customizable, the scheduler comes with tools that optimize your staff's time.

Our robust reports suite will impress with it’s versatility and customization. View and export data varying from detailed patient reports to useful clinic statistics to exhaustive audit trails. 

Integral to a healthy and successful practice is the ability to exchange data with partners in healthcare. CaduRx allows you to connect easily with lab vendors, health information exchanges and pharmacies to make your life easier. 

"CaduRx has truly enhanced the workflow of our clinics.  It is user friendly and was built around the needs of the clinics and providers to maximize patient care.  CaduRx has a wonderful support team that spent sufficient time on site to implement the product.  They were very personable and continue to be so.  One of the best features of CaduRx is their customer service."

Patsy Boehme, PFS Director 

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital, Montpelier, Idaho

Practice Management
Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Patient Centered

Optimal outcomes are acheived when providers and patients work together.

A patient’s engagement in their own health care contributes to improved health outcomes. 

CaduRx makes patient engagement simple. CaduRx equips the clinic with a robust and free patient portal that is seamlessly integrated with the Electronic Health Record.

Save time and money by having the patient fill out intake forms, review lab results and pay their bill before entering the office, all from the comfort of their home.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Time is Money

Designed with efficiency and efficacy in mind, the CaduRx revenue cycle management system provides clinics with easy-to-use and highly flexible billing software that ensures a smooth process from start to finish. 


Detailed reports, practice diagnostics, built-in integrity checks and a thorough auditing mechanism ensure security and optimal revenue cycles.

Ongoing Updates & Technical Support

We are here to ensure the health and success of your practice, and so we guarantee real time and real person technical support and rolling updates. Any update to our software comes at no extra charge to you – CaduRx software solutions are always growing and evolving to stay current in the field and to optimize your experience.

Ledger Driven

Everything that a ledger should be: Dynamic, Intuitive, Easy to Read, Easy to Filter, Easy to Post and Reconcile, Easy to Correct or Adjust. Claims can be flagged and tracked and claim event notes are a click away.  Every convenience thought of and built in.

Coding Support

Preloaded CPT codes that are best suited for your specialty or practice. ICD10 diagnosis coding support and user friendly browsing. Automated code scrubbing supports correct coding per Medicare CCI edits.



A full battery of comprehensive and detailed reports offer everything you need to track clinic financial health, aging claims, insurance revenue and clinic statistics. 

Seamless Integration


We aim for the greatest efficiency and ease of use, so the RCM module is fully integrated with the EHR and provides billers with convenient one-click

access to records, document storage and all portions of the patient’s full medical record. 

Real Time Feedback

CaduRx provides day-before insurance eligibility checking based on scheduled appointments. The system also provides real-time claim updates after submission to payers. You will be notified if the claim is accepted into the payer system for adjudication or if it has been rejected, and often the payer message will provide a reason, making correction and resubmission a breeze. 

We are focused on your success, so we created the very best in simple-to-use but highly effective medical billing software. Everything you need for correct coding, claims tracking and management, revenue cycle oversight and easy collections is included in this comprehensive billing suite.

Outsourced Billing Services

Billing Done Right

We offer an unmatched third party billing solution that is committed to your success and will allow you to drive your financial future. The integration of our third party solution is so seamless its like having a biller in office, but we offer the focused guidance and seasoned billing knowledge that comes with years of specialty experience.

We Offer...

Outsourced Billing
  • Unparalleled transparency

  • Multiple specialty experience

  • Certified coding specialists

  • Seamless integration - no logging into another site to view patient accounts

  • Aggressive and professional claims 
    resolution including all appeal levels

  • Monthly patient statements

  • Vast industry and payer knowledge

  • Highly attentive services and typically same day responses to clinic inquiries

  • Individual claim documentation & history

  • Front desk access to patient ledgers for instant “balance due”

  • Electronic Superbills

  • Electronic payments via patient portal

Putting the financial health of your clinic into the hands of medical billing professionals will allow you to focus on patient care and patient population management once again and shake off the headache and hassle of the billing world. You can rest easy knowing that we let no rejection or denial go unresolved and we seek appropriate payment on every single claim.

Dealing with an ever-changing healthcare landscape, staying on top of government regulations and insurance payer policies is complicated enough - let our billing solution ease your load and pave the way to a thriving practice.

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