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Excellent Value at an Affordable Price

Our pricing structure is simple and fair.

$450 per Month
$4,590 per Year (save 15%)
Per Physician

Electronic Health Record

In-House Billing Module

$200 per Month
$2,040 per Year (save 15%)
Per Physician

Outsourced Billing Services

Out-sourced billing service fees vary depending on specialty, revenue and volume. 
Out-sourced billing typically costs between 5% - 9% of net collected revenue.
No additional EHR fee with Outsourced Billing Services.
The text reminder feature is not
included in listed prices.
Uni-directional text reminders are $15/month/physician 
Bi-directional texting (w/patient response) $30/month/physician.
*Clearinghouse fees not included in any billing feature*
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