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About CaduRx

CaduRx was born on a cold winter day in December 2003.  It was a novelty -- the only one of its kind: a cloud-based electronic health record.  It immediately attracted the attention of local academic types and was adopted by the University of Utah School of Medicine, where it was raised to maturity by loving physicians and doting health informaticists.  CaduRx enjoyed an exuberant childhood, starring in beta projects and usability studies throughout the intermountain west.  Never before had anyone seen such a concept: an EMR that securely generated, maintained, exchanged and analyzed protected health information in the cloud.  Neighbors immediately began to copy little CaduRx and soon cloud-based products became the norm. 

After seven or eight years of study and incubation with the University of Utah, the Utah Health Information Network and HealthInsight (the Medicare / Medicaid QIO for Utah, Nevada and New Mexico), CaduRx began its tentative foray into the world of commercial medical data management companies.  Focusing first on clinical data management, it slowly evolved into a full-featured medical billing company, as well.  Today CaduRx is a full-grown S Corporation nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain Range near Salt Lake City.  It serves hundreds of clinicians in dozens of specialties, many of whom watched us grow up from a little web-based order entry tool.  CaduRx exists to make your practice life easier and your practice more successful.  Give us a call and let us show you how we can help!

Centerville, Utah

Phone . 801-939-9999

Fax . 801-939-9998

Email .

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