CaduRx: Priced To Be Affordable

We don't divide our system into a bunch of separate modules and charge extra for each module the way lots of other companies do. One simple fee per provider entitles everyone in the practice access to the entire, integrated system (EMR, practice management system, patient portal). You pay a one-time setup fee ($3,000 per provider) and then a $4,500 subscription fee per provider per year. That's $7,500 per provider to get started (except for on site training, which we highly recommend). That's it. There are no nickel-and-dime charges, costs or fees. There are no extra charges for billers, coders, MAs, nurses, receptionists, office managers, etc. There's no activation fee. No maintenance fees. No licensing fees. No per-seat or per-device fees.

CaduRx requires a dependable, high speed Internet connection.
Annual subscription $4,500/provider
One time setup including training, does not include per diem if applicable $3,000/provider
Extra on site training $100/hour + per diem
Staff subscription Free!
Other fees None!

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