CaduRx: Priced To Be Affordable

The annual subscription fee for the EMR is $4,500 / year / provider. Alternatively, you may pay $450 / month with no contract. If you wish to use our billing module, the fee is $5,700 / year or $600 / month with no contract. These fees include prescribing, integrated patient portal and staff access. There is a one-time $2,000 setup fee / provider which includes on-site training (per diem, if applicable, is charged separately).

CaduRx requires a dependable, high speed Internet connection.
Annual subscription $4,500/provider/year
Annual subscription w/ billing $5,700/provider/year
Monthly subscription $450/provider/month
One time setup including training, does not include per diem if applicable $2,000/provider
Extra on site training $100/hour + per diem
Staff subscription Up to four, per provider free!
Other fees None!

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