The CaduRx e-prescriber has been designed to ensure security, privacy, simplicity, and efficiency. It is easy to learn and easy to use. We know our tool has to be used by healthcare providers, not computer scientists. The CaduRx e-prescriber allows you to generate prescriptions with just a few mouse clicks. With CaduRx, it's not only faster and easier to create prescriptions, it's safer. Its comprehensive drug database is updated monthly and important safety features and decision support tools have been incorporated into its design.
Billing and administration: it costs money to make money. Effective practice management often makes the difference between staying in business and closing your doors. Organized records, prompt billing, and tools to track payments and to monitor the success of your practice are essential.
Personal Health Record
The CaduRx integrated personal health record, DirectMD™, was developed in conjunction with the University of Utah and provides your patients with easy access to their health records free of charge. Once a patient has logged onto the system, they can track personal health measures (such as blood sugar, cholesterol, body-mass index, etc.) and suggest updates to their own problem and medication records. Patients can populate health history and demographic information prior to an office visit and even do secure, web-based e-visits. In this secure, HIPAA-compliant environment, patients can also be automatically reminded of upcoming appointments, scheduled labs and tests and can receive any educational materials you wish to send them. DirectMD revolutionizes doctor/patient communications by keeping all parties well-informed and up-to-date.
Patient Charts
An EMR should be more than just an electronic version of a chart: it should leverage the power of the computer to assist you in caring for your patients. The CaduRx EMR does just that.  The CaduRx EMR documents, tracks, reminds, prompts, warns, and remembers. Progress notes are quickly created in whatever way you find most convenient (free text, templates, voice recognition). Everything at your fingertips:  problem lists, task lists, medications, encounter notes, vitals, lab work, medical history, etc. CaduRx helps you manage chronic diseases with its unique interactive task list.  CaduRx not only works to help you help patients, CaduRx works directly with the patients through its integrated patient portal.
Because our system is so versatile, the possibilities with our scheduler are limitless – your appointment book can hold as many providers as you need, the system supports multiple bookings per time slot, the view is customizable per user and the appointment book itself can be color-coded in whatever manner works best for your clinic. We at CaduRx understand that each clinic is unique and requires a system that will conform to specific needs─so we created a scheduler that would do just that.
Encounter Notes
CaduRx encounter notes offer the flexibility of a word processor as well as the support of point-and-click templates. We understand that encounter notes and patient visit documentation is a highly subjective matter and that providers value the freedom to create notes according to their own preferences. A provider may use point-and-click templates, type their own notes out, use speech recognition software or any combination of the three within the same encounter note.