Medical records made simple.

CaduRx is the full featured, affordable, cloud-based practice management and medical record system.

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CaduRx - The EMR that works with you.

CaduRx is a full-featured integrated electronic health record, practice management system and patient portal. It is web-based and requires no special equipment or servers. It is affordable, flexible, maintenance free, easy to learn, easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere.


We didn't just slap in ICD10 last minute. Our experts analyzed workflows and coding to come up with the fastest and easiest to use conversion tool around.


Efficient, correct, understandable out-sourced billing. Trust us it's the best out-sourced billing service around. Real time reports, completely transparent, fully integrated.


Full featured EHR. Simple to use, easy to understand. Typically requires less than four hours of training for a small clinic. We started with our prescriber and didn't move on until it was perfect. That's just the way we do things around here.

Change is hard.

But not if you’re changing to CaduRx. We help you transition from your existing system. We can usually export demographic and clinical data from your current EHR and import it into CaduRx. We specialize in eliminating the trauma associated with switching systems. Besides, really: how traumatic can it be switching from ‘it sucks’ to ‘it’s great’?

We want to talk to you!

CaduRx customer support is ongoing, unlimited and free.
We do not off-shore, out-source or de-responsibility-ate.
Call us.
Talk to a real person.
We’re here for you.

“Meaningful Use”

CaduRx is an ONC-certified complete ambulatory electronic health record and will help you meet CMS quality and reporting requirements. We also have versions that don't meet the requirements if you find yourself not wanting to jump through the hoops. These versions are also cheaper!
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We're Growing!

We have several programming, billing and sales positions available.
We hire smart people. Experience trumps degrees°.
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Our office is located 3rd planet from the Sun on the North American plate within walking distances of the scenic wasatch mountain range of the run on sentence, or something, near Centerville, Utah.